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led video wall indoor and outdoor, LED display

led video wall indoor and outdoor, LED display
We provide LED Video walls which have both indoor and outdoor applications in different pitch pixel different sizes. Our outdoor LED Video wall screens are water proof and weather proof.

These LED displays are used in:

  • Shopping malls
  • Hoardings at prominent locations
  • Sports stadiums
  • Auditoriums
  • Movie theatres
  • Religious places
  • Public rallies
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Mobile hoardings, truck mounted LED display
  • Rental solution Indoor and outdoor
We provide Design Support, Installation support, Online technical support, after sales service.


Advantages of LEDs:

  • Long life
  • Energy efficient
  • Design flexibility
  • Vivid saturated colors
  • Robust and vibration proof
  • Instant light
  • No mercury
  • No UV.
  • Low voltage DC operated.


  • Reliable quality, advanced and mature technology, compliant with indusstrial standards and technology developing trend
  • Better viewing effect
  • The effect of heat emission is good, and the performance is stable
  • Audio and video interface, can offer vivid, complete and high quality LED display TV broadcasting signal
  • High resolution and definition of screen image, clear and non-flash screen image
  • High brightness and can be adjusted to meet the customers' requirement based on the change of the environment
  • Best uniformity, commendably solve the problem of the mosaic, with the excellent consistency of luminescence
  • Clear, delicate and vivid display effect of the videos, images, texts etc
  • Big viewing angle to 110 degree at horizontal line, 60 degree at vertical line, you can see at every angle at this range, no picture change, no color excursion
  • Can repair each led lamps, so the cost of maintaining is lower, and easy to repair
  • The sign can be serviced from the front or the back
  • Input signal: HDTV CATV NTSC PAL S-video VGA VCD DVD
  • Distinctive modulization design, easy to carry, install, dismantle and maintain
  • Life time is more than 100, 000 hrs with lower power consumption

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