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sell led video wall indoor and outdoor
sell led video wall indoor and outdoor
  • Reliable quality, advanced and mature technology, compliant with indusstrial standards and technology developing trend
  • Better viewing effect
  • The effect of heat emission is good, and the performance is stable
  • Audio and video interface, can offer vivid, complete and high quality LED display TV broadcasting signal
  • High resolution and definition of screen image, clear and non-flash screen image
  • High brightness and can be adjusted to meet the customers' requirement based on the change of the environment
  • Best uniformity, commendably solve the problem of the mosaic, with the excellent consistency of luminescence
  • Clear, delicate and vivid display effect of the videos, images, texts etc
  • Big viewing angle to 110 degree at horizontal line, 60 degree at vertical line, you can see at every angle at this range, no picture change, no color excursion
  • Can repair each led lamps, so the cost of maintaining is lower, and easy to repair
  • The sign can be serviced from the front or the back
  • Input signal: HDTV CATV NTSC PAL S-video VGA VCD DVD
  • Distinctive modulization design, easy to carry, install, dismantle and maintain
  • Life time is more than 100, 000 hrs with lower power consumption

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